How To Make Your First $1,000 as A Beginner Blogger

How to make my first 1000 dollars online as beginner blogger?
How to make $1000 every single month from my blog?

These are the two questions that most people search when they are new to online. It happened with me too. Fortunately, I’m in the online space for a long time now (over 7 years) and I know how the “making money online” thing works.

I have tried a lot, failed a lot, learned a lot and now making decent income from blog.

If you are searching for genuine ways to make money online, this detailed post is just for you where I’m going to share proven tips to make your first 1000 dollars as a blogger.

Making your first $1000 as a blogger isn’t hard as you think.

If you know few “insider strategies to make money online” it’s really easy!

There are millions of people who are making $1000 within a day or two. So you can also do the same. You just have to believe that you can make money online and work really hard to getting things done.

I’ll show you how to make your first $1000 as a blogger even if you are a beginner without any prior skills.

Are you ready?
Let’s dive into the details without much ado.

How to make your first $1000 as a beginner blogger?

The art of SELLING

To make your first $1000 as a blogger or to make an additional $1000 in your spare time online, you need to start “selling”. Selling online is not easy especially if you are new to online space and don’t know how to sell.

How To Make Your First $1,000 as A Beginner Blogger

Convincing people to buy your products takes lots of time and skills. Once you know how to sell, you will start making money more than you can imagine. You can make more affiliate sales, sell your own products, sell your services etc.

Most people think that selling is all about talking more but in reality it’s all about listening. Listening to your target audience to know their needs and wants instead of just posting more contents and promoting tens of products to them.

A good marketer always understand what their target audience wants and then he educates about the products he promotes before pitching them.

Here are few tips on selling smart without sounding like a sales guy.

  • Always build trust.
    Without trust, there’s no sale! In online world, no one buys from a stranger. Before they buy from you, they need to first like you and trust you, only then you can convince them to buy from you!
  • Network is the key to selling more.
    Have you ever noticed how Pat Flynn sells? He has a huge network who endorses his online marketing stuff. That way he is able to make $100,000 every single month. And the best part is, no one says Pat Flynn is frustrating them with his emails or sales pitches.
  • Read more books.
    The more you read, the better you will become at selling and negotiating. I firmly believe, any art can be learnt if you are dedicated. The same thing goes with marketing and selling. Every top blogger who is earning thousands of dollars now once was a beginner who struggled a lot to make even $1000 as a blogger. So don’t give up. Start reading more.

The fastest way to make money online

The fastest and simplest way to make money online is to offer services. Services such as freelance writing, designing logos, making videos, designing website templates etc.

You need a blog before you start offering services to your clients. Once you have a blog, you can start creating blog posts around your area of expertise (writing logo design case studies in case if you offer them), creating a better portfolio (by working with experts in your industry) and then finding your first customer.

Once you get your first customer and earn even $50, it will give you huge confidence to start finding more clients and increasing your monthly income. That’s how most of the successful bloggers out there started. They all started by selling their services, then found new monetization strategies to earn more online.

Here are few ideas to get your first client for your services.

  • Create a portfolio for whatever the service you are offering from your blogs.
    If you are a freelance writer, by having a detailed portfolio page where you can showcase all of your previous work is the easiest way to gain your customers trust and increase your income.
  • Connect with the top influential bloggers in your industry.
    These connections not only help you build a better network for yourself but if they ever tweet about you, you will find unlimited chances from other clients to get work.
  • Start a “service business” online.
    Make sure to create a dedicated blog just to sell your services. But keep on adding valuable contents to regularly attract the right audience and customers to your blogs. That way you will make much more money than you can imagine.
  • Always under promise and over deliver.
    This is the #1 tip for any successful service business that makes lots of money every single month. If you are a freelance logo designer and hired to design 3 logos for someone, give them 5 logos, they will be surprised and come back to you whenever they need work. They will refer you if they really like your work! That’s how you should run a service based online business.
  • Find out what your true clients really want.
    Get to know their problems and frustrations and offer exclusive services for them by charging more. They won’t hesitate to pay you more if you are giving what they want.

Use Fiverr

Fiverr is the largest global marketplace for buying and selling small services starting at $5.

You will find a wide range of services and products from art and creative to business and design.

The best thing about Fiverr is you don’t need a portfolio, blog or experience. You can start making money by having skills on particular services. Let’s say, you spent a month learning how to design logos on Photoshop.

You can start selling them on Fiverr gigs and make money. Even if you make 10 logos a day (4$ average commission), you will be making $40 at an average. That brings you $40 x 30 = 1200$ in one month. That’s a great start for anyone who wants to make their first $1000 online.

Here are few tips to sell more using Fiverr.

  • To make more money from Fiverr, you need to first increase your level.
    The higher your badge level is the more clients and work you can attract. Everyone can reach to level 1 within a week by doing consistent efforts. Level 2 takes some time, usually 2 to 3 months of consistent hard work (you need to make sure your clients are satisfied with your work and giving you 5 star ratings).
  • Pick a gig that excites you.
    Don’t pick a gig just because that makes you money, the chances are you can make more by doing things you love on Fiverr.
  • Focus on faster delivery.
    People like to get things quicker. If you give your work within 24 hours that’s really great and your clients will always prefer you over others.
  • Promote yourself as much as you can.
    The more brand awareness you have the more awesome it is for you to attract more clients and increase your monthly revenue from Fiverr.
  • Offer money back guarantee.
    It works like a charm especially when you are a beginner. Give money back if people are not satisfied with your work.

Sell your own stuff

There are two major types.

  1. Selling online courses or membership sites
  2. Selling eBooks, themes or plugins

1. Selling online courses

Monetization strategies are changing every year. Previously bloggers and marketers used to make 90% of their income from Google AdSense alone. After Penguin and Panda updates, 90% of the bloggers shifting their focus from AdSense to affiliate marketing due to lack of traffic coming from search engines.

Now, top marketers are started selling online courses and they are creating million dollar businesses. They are all using one effective communication channel called “email list”.

The more hungry buyers they have in your list the more money you can make by launching your own membership sites or online courses. Profits are huge and investment is very minimal – that’s the biggest advantage of using online courses to start making your first $1000 as a blogger.

But you need trust and people should treat as an authority blogger in your industry to make things work.

For instance, let’s say you are running a fitness blog and want to sell online courses to start making money from it. You can’t make more sales if you are not building an authority site in Fitness industry. You can do that by simply sharing all your journey from being fat to fit, that way you can attract more people to start trusting you. Then, once you have their attention and trust, you can launch your own products to finally start making money from them.

2. Selling eBooks, videos, themes or plugins

I have seen so many bloggers launching their own blogs just to start making money by selling their own products. One of the best ways to make more online is to start selling your own products such as eBooks, videos, themes etc.

It not only helps you grow your own brand but also gives you a great customer base which you can use to nurture your career to make more money in the long run.

Here are few incredible ideas if you are selling your own stuff to make your first $1000 as a blogger or marketer.

  • Analyze the people who are already making money from eBooks, selling themes or plugins etc. Observe how they are promoting their stuff to the audience. See, how many emails they are sending weekly. Learn, observe and repeat the same!
  • Pricing is everything. Start small with your pricing. No one likes to buy a $100 product from you when they don’t know you. So if you offer something for under $10 to 20$, they may buy your stuff. Later, you can start pitching them higher products. If they are already liking your stuff, they will definitely buy more from you!

Final Thoughts

So why you need to make $1000 as a blogger? Find out all the reasons. Whether it is to pay your bills or grow your income, it’s a good starting point. Once you make your first $1000 as a blogger, you will not only be able to find more opportunities to grow but you can fire your boss and start working on your own terms.

That’s what blogging is all about, right?

How To Make Your First $1,000 as A Beginner BloggerAbove are the serious mentioned ways to start making money online. But make sure to improve your skills before jumping into online space. Be it logo designing skills, writing skills or marketing skills, you need to enhance them to capture more people attention.

Just don’t fall for cheap ways to make money online such as filling surveys, sending bulk sms to others, clicking on links etc. They are not going to help and they will never allow you to make more money online. Also remember that, making money online is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time and consistent efforts. I strongly suggest you to start your own blog to make money as a blogger.

Do you have any more tips or ideas to make $1000 or more as a blogger, share your thoughts in the comment section below. Please share this make guide with others so they can benefit. 

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