Top-5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Blog You Must Use in 2022

Looking for the simplest SEO plugins for WordPress?

Then this post is simply for you.

SEO plugin permits you to optimize your website for optimum rankings in search engines while not you desirous to be associate SEO knowledgeable. 

In this post, we’ve rounded up the simplest SEO plugins for WordPress to assist you decide on the proper one for you so you’ll drive a lot of traffic to your website and grow your business.

What’s the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Today?

Here’s a listing of our prime WordPress SEO plugins. We’re aiming to examine all of them and list a number of their best options.

But first, why are SEO plugins important?

SEO plugins are vital as a result of optimizing your web site for search engines will assist you rank higher in search results and considerably grow your business.

In fact, analysis shows that seventy fifths of searchers don’t have trouble clicking past the results on the primary page. and therefore the initial five results for a given search account for sixty seven of all clicks.

This should cause you to understand however crucial it’s to possess all the SEO tools and options required to make this happen. And that’s specifically what these SEO plugins give you in varied ways. Let’s look into that next.

1. All-in-One One SEO (AIOSEO)

Best SEO plugins for WordPress – All-in-One SEO

AIOSEO is the best WordPress SEO plugin for plenty of reasons. It’s a beginner-friendly SEO plugin that’s straightforward to use and however terribly powerful. 

It’s the first WordPress SEO plugin and has over three million active installations. AIOSEO puts the user expertise initial and helps you improve your website’s SEO rankings in but ten minutes.

Not solely that, however it conjointly eliminates the requirement to put in multiple plugins and works utterly for all sorts of companies like eCommerce stores, blogs, news sites, etc. AIOSEO comes with a free low-cal version, moreover as professional versions.

AIOSEO offers advanced SEO tools and options such as:

SEO Custom User Roles: 

to assist you manage access to special SEO options while not returning management of your web site. 

SEO Audit Checklist: 

That helps you analyze your entire WordPress website to observe vital errors and acquire unjust insights to spice up your SEO and acquire a lot of organic traffic. It conjointly permits you to analyze your competitor’s SEO so you’ll verify what keywords they’re mistreatment and acquire ahead.

TruSEO On-Page Analysis: 

It permits you to simply add title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and everything else you wish for correct on-page SEO optimisation. to not mention, the content analysis tool helps you write higher articles and helps you’re taking your SEO efforts to subsequent step. 

Link Assistant: 

Link Assistant could be a much-loved feature that produces it straightforward to make strategic internal links on your website.

Smart XML Sitemap: 

That’s generated mechanically and is notifying all search engines of any updates to your content. you furthermore might have the choice to form video sitemaps and Google News sitemaps.

Rich snipping Schema: 

the professional arrange offers complete support for schema markup, therefore you’ll get a lot of clicks and traffic with nice-looking wealthy snippets. for example, it offers schema markup for your articles, products, FAQs, apps, courses, recipes, etc.

RSS Content and RSS Sitemap: 

The plugin permits you to take hold of your RSS feed to feature credits, custom text, links, or perhaps advertisements to assist legalize your web log. you’ll mechanically submit associate RSS Sitemap to Google to form it notice your content easier.

Social Media Integration: 

This feature permits you to manage however your content appearance once shared on Facebook, Twitter, and alternative social media networks. you’ll produce lovely Twitter Cards or Facebook thumbnails with titles and descriptions, and a featured image. this can be to maximise the click-through rate from social media to your website.

Robots.txt Editor: 

With the robots.txt editor, you’ll take full management over the directions you offer internet crawlers or bots concerning what folders and files to crawl on your website. It permits you to permit or proscribe any computer address on your website, that helps improve your load speed and performance.

WooCommerce SEO: 

the professional arrange offers advanced eCommerce SEO support for WooCommerce to optimize product pages, product classes, and more. It helps you grow your eCommerce store in no time.

Local SEO: 

The plugin provides you all the tools you wish to enhance your native SEO and rank higher on Google Maps. It conjointly helps folks notice your business easier.

Other notable options embody IndexNow, Crawl Cleanup, and lots of a lot of.

All in One SEO offers integration with webmaster tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Plus, AIOSEO makes it straightforward to attach your website with Google Search Console, through our Webmaster Tools feature. It conjointly integrates with several common WordPress plugins as well as WooCommerce, MemberPress, etc. And you’ll simply import your SEO information if you’ve been employing a totally different SEO plugin.

It doesn’t stop there…

…it conjointly permits you to follow Google’s rel link attribute standards to classify your links. you’ll simply add the nofollow, sponsored, and UGC attributes to your links in barely two clicks. Doing therefore tells Google you’re not pick for that link. Or that it’s a paid link, or from user-generated content.  


The Pro arrange starts at $49.50 per annum and a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you’re trying to find free SEO plugins, you’ll use the AlOSEO low-cal version and later upgrade to the professional version once you’re able to take your SEO efforts to subsequent level.

2. Yoast SEO

Best SEO plugins for WordPress – Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is another WordPress SEO plugin that’s a detailed challenger to AIOSEO. It permits you to add SEO titles and descriptions to any or all posts and pages on your web site. 

Yoast SEO offers a restricted free low-cal version, moreover as a premium version with a lot of SEO tools. 

However, if you would like all the SEO tools that AIOSEO offers in its professional arrange, like video XML sitemap, local SEO, WooCommerce SEO, so forth, you’ve obtain|to shop for} these as separate plugins or buy the complete bundle package, that is sort of dear. 


SEO Meta Box: 

The plugin permits you to add your title, description, and keyphrase to your posts or pages. moreover as analyze your content for errors and enhancements.

XML Sitemap: 

Like AIOSEO, it mechanically adds associate XML sitemap, that makes it straightforward for Google to know your site’s structure. Integration: 

It permits for Schema Markup to induce wealthy search results.

Breadcrumb Trails: 

you’ll management your {site|website|web website} breadcrumbs so users and search engines invariably grasp wherever they’re on your site.

Yoast SEO gets the task done, however it’s priced beyond AIOSEO. That’s particularly since you have got to pay further for every addon. 

Also, it doesn’t provide associate SEO Audit of your website or the choice to research your competitor’s SEO. These square measure powerful tools once you wish to maximise your rankings and acquire sooner than your competition.   


Pricing for one website license starts at $89 per annum. 

3. Rank Math

Best SEO plugins for WordPress – RankMath

Rank mathematics is another WordPress SEO plugin that’s a newcomer compared to AIOSEO and Yoast SEO. 

Rank mathematics offers a free low-cal version that has slightly a lot of SEO tools than Yoast SEO’s free version, like Google Trends integration and keyword rank trailing. just like the alternative SEO plugins, it conjointly offers premium plans if you’ve over one website.

In addition, it comes with a better setup wizard than Yoast’s 12-step wizard. But still, it’s vi steps whereas AIOSEO solely comes with four straightforward steps.  


Import of SEO information throughout Setup: 

The plugin permits you to import information from alternative SEO plugins throughout the setup method. 

SEO Meta Box: 

It permits you to add your title, description, and keyphrase to your posts and pages. moreover analyze your content for errors and enhancements.

Connect to Google Search Console: 

It’s integrated with Webmaster Tools and permits you to hook up with Google Search Console. 

Open Graph Metadata: 

you’ll add Open Graph information to your weblog posts to indicate a Facebook fingernail or Twitter Cards once your content is shared on social media.


Pricing for one website license starts at $59 per annum. 

4. MonsterInsights

The best WordPress analytics plugin, MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights isn’t associate on-page SEO plugin; however is a necessary Google Analytics tool for increasing the optimization method and driving a lot of traffic to your website. better of all, it tells you the stats that matter so you’ll grow your business.

It permits you to simply track visits to your website, your preferred keywords and pages, referral traffic, and far a lot of. 

MonsterInsights comes with a free lightweight version and Premium versions.

MonsterInsights has over three million active installations, therefore it’s price attempting out these options if you would like to grow your business:

Google Analytics Dashboard: 

The plugin’s key advantage to Google Analytics is that the freedom to review period results directly from your WordPress dashboard. You don’t got to slide back and forth between Google Analytics and your web site, which might simply get confusing.

Universal Tracking: 

It permits you to line up universal web sites trailing across devices and campaigns with simply some clicks. No secret writing is required.

Referral Traffic Tracking: 

This Analytics feature permits you to track your referral traffic so you’ll work on obtaining a lot of partnerships and backlinks to your website.

Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking: 

The plugin offers 1-click Google Analytics increased eCommerce trailing for WooCommerce, straightforward Digital Downloads, and MemberPress.

Performance and Optimization: 

you’ll alter Google Optimize for A/B testing, and for adjusting the speed and sample rate. 

Plus more advanced options.


The Pro arrangement starts at $99.50 per annum with a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you’re trying to find a free Google Analytics plugin, you’ll conjointly use MonsterInsights low-cal to induce access to the free analytics options before upgrading to the premium version.

5. WP Rocket

Best SEO plugins for WordPress – WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the best WordPress caching plugin within the market. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to assist speed up your web site, like page caching and preloading. 

Even if you can’t optimize your information with this plugin, you’ll optimize your site’s speed and performance, that is vital for SEO. 

WP Rocket encompasses a free WordPress cache plugin referred to as Lazy Load moreover as a Premium version with a lot of advanced options.


Improved Page Speed: 

The plugin crawls and saves a static copy of your pages within the cache and permits WordPress to indicate the cached page to the user rather than generating a page on the fly. This frees up server resources on your web site and improves the general page load time.

Advanced Caching: 

It provides you full management over caching. you’ll {choose to|prefer to|like better to|value a lot of highly to|favor to|opt to} exclude pages that you simply don’t wish to be cached to extend website load speed even more.

Browser Caching: 

This feature stores the ofttimes accessed resources of your website like pictures, JS, and CSS within the native memory of the navigation device for each desktop and mobile sites. Your guests will then read your web site content quicker. 

GZIP Compression: 

It permits you to decrease static files like JavaScript and CSS stylesheets. This will facilitate cutting back your overall information measure usage and saving your hosting prices.

eCommerce Optimization: 

The plugin permits your eCommerce store to run quickly and swimmingly since it excludes sensitive pages from the cache. It helps make sure that there aren’t any interferences within the getting method.

WP Rocket additionally comes with add-ons like Google Analytics, Facebook element, Cloudflare, etc.


The Pro arrangement starts at $49 annually for one website. however if you’re trying to find a free image optimizer plugin, you’ll use Lazy Load and later upgrade to the premium version.

6. W3 Total Cache

Best SEO plugins for WordPress – WP3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache can be the quickest and most complete WordPress performance improvement plugin. It allows you to optimize your web site for speed and performance, which might improve rankings within the search results.

It can happen by leverage options like page and browser cache and Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration. 

For additional details, see WPBeginner’s how the way to install and create W3 Total Cache and MaxCDN. W3 Total Cache comes with a free to use version, and also as a professional version.


CDN Integration: 

The plugin integrates with MaxCDN, that is one amongst the most important Content Delivery Network suppliers. It helps accelerate your website and reduce the server load.

Page and Browser Caching: 

It offers instant repeat page views of the sites you’ve visited and doesn’t need to load the page everywhere.  

Caching in Memory, Disk, or CDN: 

The plugin is caching your minified and compressed pages and posts in memory or on disk or on (FSD) CDN. In fact, you’ll be able to get on my feet to eightieth information measure savings from minifying hypertext mark-up language, CSS, and JS files.

Website Security: 

It offers varied safety features to assist guarantee web site safety.

Caching Statistics: 

you’ll be able to see caching statistics of any of your enabled options to urge performance insights.

Cache plugins are sensible compliments to SEO plugins, since they assist optimize your web site for load speed, however can’t replace them. For instance, you ought to undoubtedly use each AIOSEO and W3 Total Cache for best SEO and performance.


The Pro license prices $99 per annum and offers you access to additional advanced cache options. 

7. Schema Pro

Schema professional is one amongst the most effective SEO plugins for WordPress as so much as schema markup goes.

Schema professional is a wonderful WordPress SEO plugin for adding schema markup to your web site. This leads to made snippets that facilitate your content stand call at search results by giving additional info like star ratings, costs below a product, image or video next to the outline, and so on. 


Unlimited websites: 

you’ll be able to use one license on an infinite variety of internet sites.

Over twenty advanced schema varieties: select from over twenty schema markup types for every page or post you produce.

Article pointers: 

offers you guidelines for the kind of schema required on every page.

Live schema testing: this enables you to visualize however your made snippets can look on program results pages (SERPs).

Most WordPress SEO plugins already add schema markup to your website. But, if you would like additional schema varieties or just need to increase the practicality of your SEO plugin, then Schema Pro will assist you to do exactly that. Schema professional will work aboard your WordPress SEO plugin by mapping the plugin information to Schema professional fields.


You can get Schema professional for $79/year or get a $249 period license.

8. SEOPress

SEOPress is one amongst the most effective SEO plugins for WordPress. 

SEOPress is another WordPress SEO plugin you ought to wear your measuring system. Just like the different SEO plugins on this list, it comes with free and paid versions.

One of the benefits of SEOPress is that it’s super simple to use. This makes it beginner-friendly. 


WooCommerce integration: 

Helps you optimize your WooCommerce store listings.

Schema markup: 

For made snippets on SERPs, leading to improved clickthrough rates.


produce websitemaps to assist search engines apprehend that URLs to rank as they crawl your site.

Content analysis: offers you steerage on the way to higher optimize your content.

Open Graph and Twitter cards: 

Optimize your content for sharing on social media.

Image SEO: 

Increase your page load speed by optimizing your pictures.

While SEOPress has several options, the downside is that it lacks a number of the additional advanced ones you’ll realize in powerful plugins like AIOSEO.  


Pricing starts at $49/year.

So, which is the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress?

Well, you’ll be able to use any of the SEO plugins mentioned during this journal post to optimize your website for rankings in search engines. likewise because the cache plugins to extend speed and performance. After all, neither Google nor your {website|web website} guests sort of a slow site. 

However, you ought to use AIOSEO if you wish to optimize your web site sort of a professional and climb the rankings in no time. It’s completely the most effective WordPress SEO plugin within the market.

AIOSEO offers you access to any or all the advanced SEO tools and options that you’ll ought to take your SEO efforts to future level. All this, with none writing skills.

We hope this post helped you to seek out the most effective SEO plugin for WordPress.

We’ve got an excellent comparison if you’d prefer to cross-check the variations in Yoast SEO vs dead One SEO, as well.

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